People have been playing a game similar to Nerve on Double Dog.  If you haven’t seen the 2016 Nerve movie, then read on.

Nerve, apart from being the name of the book and movie, is the name of the dare app around which those stories revolve. The heroine, Vee, uses the app to have some fun and break out of her shell. Unfortunately, the Watchers have darker intentions. How can you play Nerve in real life? Here are some options.

Nerve is inspired by the classic game of truth and dare, without the truth part. The simplest way to play Nerve is just to dare your friends.

If you are worried that your friends might give you unfair dares, I would recommend taking inspiration from the 2010 movie Triple Dog. Here are the rules from that movie.

Rule #1  Everyone gets a dare and gives a dare Rule #2  You get to pick who dares you Rule #3  You must perform the dare that’s given to you and if you don’t you get your head shaved Rule #4  If there’s a dare you know you can’t do you can challenge the person who dared you and they have to do it, but if they do it, you get shaved So don’t go daring people to do things you wouldn’t do, because it backfires.

Play the Double Dog app. First of all, this is an actual app, like the app in Nerve. Secondly, it requires video proof, also like the app in Nerve. Thirdly, you can win cash and prizes (need I repeat). And finally, the rules keeps it fare like the movie Triple Dog, because you can “double dare” a difficult or unfair dare back to the initiator.

Double Dog is definitely the most similar to Nerve. You can be a Watcher or a Player. You can even do dares inside a group chat, and egg each other on.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful. Enjoy playing Nerve!