The verdict is out. The official Nerve app is fake and slow. How could this have happened?

As described here, Lionsgate has released apps along with many of its recent movies, including Hunger Games and Gods of Egypt. Most of these have not been very good. The most basic problem was that rather than extending the movies into the realm of gaming, most of the apps merely push trailers, movie posters, and minimally interactive VR experiences.

Unlike those other movies, Nerve revolves around an app. The NERVE app is so essential to the movie’s plot that almost everyone expected Lionsgate to really bring that app to life.

Instead they did exactly what the had in the past; create a shallow promotional fake. Here is what some app reviews on the Android app store have said.

HUGE Letdown I thought this game was going to be about dares that we could do etc. But no, it’s about watching some random person do such simple dares. What you need to do, is make it so, when we do the dares, we don’t win money, but we earn points on a leader board to give us a higher level

Real? Am I the only person who thought that you could actually play. I think I really would. Wish it would

Only one dare There is only one dare and it really got me mad because I thought we would get more but you only get the climb across the ladder

FAKE It’s a FAKE game!!!


But that isn’t all. It’s also really slow.


Help! I’ve been waiting for this app for a long time but it won’t load the date it goes to a 100% then it stops on Nerve… Help!

Horrible It loads my character and it freezes in the eye nothing else appears

Waited forever for this app to come out and it doesn’t even work. Won’t load dares, won’t go past the loading screen

Lionsgate squandered a great opportunity. Fans were dying to play Nerve.

We want it PLZ make the game real

Fortunately, fans of Nerve can play, though the app goes by another name. Double Dog has Nerve style dares, prizes, and gameplay. The reviews are better too.