Social media is great and all, but  I miss the old fashioned fan blogs. So I searched around came up with a few.

This is a classic fan blog, replete with solid content hastily thrown together by and for diehard fans. It covers the Nerve book, Nerve the movie, Nerve the game, and Nerve the soundtrack.

This blog focuses on how to play nerve in real life. It published the first authoritative review of the official Nerve app and has some great tips on how to play Nerve using the app Double Dog.

This site has all the clips you could ever ask for of Dave Franko doing talk shows, interviews, and other PR for his movie. Right now it’s Nerve, Nerve, Nerve. There is not much commentary surrounding the videos, however.

This one, like the last, is focused on one of the actors rather than the movie itself. It is also light on commentary.

Now that the some people have seen the movie, reviews are starting to trickle out. This review is very positive and makes me feel excited to see the movie on opening night.

This is another early movie review. It will get you pumped for the movie and sheds some light on the movie’s look and feel. I would go back to this site for reviews though it is not a classic fan blog.

Hopefully the ecosystem will bloom a bit as the movie roles out. Its coming soon, June 27, 2016. Get pumped!