The movie Nerve is still being released around the world. Out of respect for those who have not had the opportunity to watch it, I’ve thus far refrained from writing a review.

The PR blitz surround the movie’s release in the US has been impressive, though not perfect. Here is an overview.

  • The trailers were by and large excellent, though they gave too much of the movie way.
  • Three separate series of posters were released. The first were fairly traditional. The second has that oblique viral marketing quality that is all the rage now. The third offered direct calls to action for fans already eager to see the movie.
  • The internet was awash with ads. If you went on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube in the week’s preceding the US release you could hardly avoid seeing them.
  • Press coverage was intense. Nerve even had multiple stories in People Magazine.
  • A huge teaser for the Nerve app was bought from Mashable. This preceded the launch of Lionsgate’s Nerve app.
  • The Nerve app was a huge disappointment.
  • Nerve advertised heavily through Snapchat filters and even on Pokémon Go.

At this point the worldwide box office take is over 37 million. There is no word yet on whether there will be a sequel in the works, though Nerve is certainly worthy of one.

nerve tattoo